GirlPower: Voices of a Generation

by Sarah Schlesinger

GirlPower is the third in a series of shows consisting of short scenes and monologues, combining the casts and scripts from two previous GirlPower shows, in addition to new material. GirlPower was written and performed by young women in their teens and twenties who love the theater and who want to show society that they are truly empowered. The show revolves around what it means to be female; hardships, pain, troubles, puzzles, loves, and joys are all explored.

Individual monologues are powerful, scenes are comical and the poetry rings with truth. Subjects often considered taboo – sexual assault, alcohol abuse and sexual orientation – are spoken about without shame or fear of judgment. GirlPower explores what it really means to be a woman of this generation, beneath the facade that most wear. In one scene, it is said that if one wants a "perfect woman" they should "go buy a Barbie". Flaws, it is explained, are what makes each of us unique and beautiful as humans. The actors use the entire theater to make their points, going into the audience and speaking to them directly, and even bringing audience members on stage to dance.

GirlPower is a marvelous play that anyone can relate to, regardless of gender. Everyone should see this play. Men will gain a better understanding of the female perspective and women will realize that they are not alone, and that they all have GirlPower.

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