by Delaney Gibson

If the title Hamlettes evokes thoughts of, “Oh, wow, that sounds really cute,” you’re in for a major surprise. It is an insightful and creative modern adaptation of Hamlet, set in an all girls school. Playwright Patrick Shaw makes audience members feel a surprising closeness to Shakespeare’s Hamlet when three pre-teen girls -Alex, Chloe, and Ophelia - decide to start a drama club, and, of course, perform Hamlet! Being committed actors, the trio refuses to break character – ever – which leads them to a pre-pubescent tragedy or their own, full of the betrayal, angst and lies that is Hamlet.

The casting is perfect; the actors embody their characters completely, bringing the entire audience back to when we were twelve. Working with a simple, but brilliantly composed set, the play ignites questions of betrayal, love, loss, and blame, and will leave you thinking of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet – and your own life choices – in a brand new light!

Anyone interested in literature will enjoy this production. With the production’s outstanding direction, strong, and capturing script, and remarkably flexible actors, Hamlettes is a great show bordering on amazing.

[Photo Credit: Brian Hashimoto]

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